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ESG/Sustainability assurance

Providing independent measurement, validation and quality assurance over ESG information.

ESG Assurance Services: Ensuring Accountability and Transparency

In today's complex and interconnected business landscape, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations have become paramount. Investors, stakeholders, and regulators are increasingly seeking assurance that companies are not only meeting their financial targets but also upholding their ESG commitments.


At RA Global, we recognize the critical role that ESG Assurance Services play in fostering accountability, transparency, and sustainable practices.

Validation and Verification of Carbon Projects

RA Global offers Validations and Verifications of carbon offset credits across various programs all over the world.

Clean Development Mechanism was started by the United Nations under which CDM executive board issues certified emission reduction (CER) for projects which are registered under CDM and verified by the DOE (Designated Operational Entity) under the rules of the Kyoto Protocol.

For projects which aim at reducing emissions, adopted on a voluntary basis and achieving objectives outlined in the Kyoto Protocol, We provide validation and verification services for them.
Our team has undertaken numerous VCS projects all over the globe under varied sectoral scopes. We aim at making the process of validation and verification simpler for you yet effective.

Our validation and verification services extend yet to other voluntary programs such as Gold standard. The projects should be adopted on a voluntary basis and should contribute towards achieving the objectives of Kyoto protocol.
With our expertise and experience, we deliver in time and show a high degree of competence.

Internal Audits

In the modern organizational landscape, success is not solely measured by financial achievements; it also hinges on non-financial factors such as safety, compliance, human resources, and operational efficiency.


At RA Global, our Non-Financial Internal Audit Services delve into these critical areas, guiding organizations toward excellence in all facets of their operations.

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