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Internal Audits

At RA Global, we view non-financial audits as catalysts for improvement—a means to fortify your organization's foundation, enhance its efficiency, and bolster its non-financial performance.

With offices in the UK, UAE, and India, we offer a global perspective and local expertise to serve clients across diverse sectors and geographies. Our Non-Financial Internal Audit Services are your trusted partner on the journey to operational excellence, ensuring that your organization excels in safety, compliance, human resources, and operational efficiency. Together, we navigate the path to excellence beyond numbers.

Safety Wear


Safety Management System Internal Audit

RA Global conducts internal audits for safety by implementing a rigorous and systematic process that encompasses comprehensive assessment of safety protocols and compliance. Our dedicated audit teams employ a risk-based approach, evaluating policies, procedures, and practices against industry standards and regulatory requirements. We engage with employees at all levels to gather insights, identify potential hazards, and promote a safety-conscious culture. RA Global prioritizes continuous improvement, ensuring findings are addressed promptly, and safety measures are continually enhanced to uphold the highest standards of safety across the operations.


Environment Management System Audits

Key steps for conducting an environmental management system audit in a more concise format:

  1. Planning and Preparation: Define objectives, scope, and criteria. Collect documents, regulations, and prepare an audit plan.

  2. Fieldwork and Data Collection: Conduct on-site or remote assessments, gather evidence, interview personnel, and observe processes.

  3. Analysis and Reporting: Evaluate findings, identify non-conformities, and prepare a comprehensive audit report.

  4. Follow-up and Improvement: Monitor corrective actions, track progress, and use audit results for continual improvement.

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